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In recent years, the digital transformation involving many industrial sectors has placed the accent on data value.

The amount of data available to companies has seen a sharp increase, as has the need to simplify and improve customer relationship processes. Businesses and organizations must exploit this information if they are to seize opportunities, automate internal processes, improve customer experience, predict behavior and manage risk.

Noovle.ai is a project born of this scenario; an R&D hub developed around state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technology, it harnesses the data and information of most value to businesses.
The machines, software and applications have all been designed to understand and process data, recognize images and voice messages, and above all to process information so that user requests are recognized, assimilated and organized, providing real-time answers.

Noovle AI is based on the wealth of experience Noovle has accrued in Artificial Intelligence projects for specific applications.
Noovle AI is a startup based in Rovereto (Italy) which develops highly innovative Artificial Intelligence projects.

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Improving the core business processes of its customers using AI

Noovle.AI’s team of specialists has consolidated experience in projects which harness technologies ranging from cutting-edge artificial intelligence to deep learning, enabling companies to improve their core business processes.


We solve

Noovle AI improves everyday life: we help people and companies solve their problems, from the simplest to the most complex.


Noovle AI allows developers to incorporate structural data and visual, language and conversation skills into their applications.


Noovle AI’s highly specialized technicians apply SCRUM methodology to every project. This approach governs workflows from concept to deployment, ensuring they are handled with a swift, relevant approach that matches customer needs.

Operative Areas


The various Artificial Intelligence projects in the conversational field are effective both inside the company – enhancing the Employee Experience and help desk efficiency – and outside, in terms of Customer Experience. Natural language can be used for engaging fluidly with the conversational interface, using all the potential offered by Google Cloud Platform’s Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Image Recognition

Using artificial intelligence, in particular “Image Recognition” technology, Noovle’s team of specialists has developed a number of automated image recognition projects covering a variety of applications. By way of example, Artificial Intelligence has made it possible to adopt predictive approaches for scheduled maintenance. It also allows products to be categorized automatically according to business needs, and to detect insurance claims fraud, to name just a few of the many applications.

Banking / Conversational

An online bank, part of an Italian group of international standing, was founded as a smart system that could offer an alternative to traditional banking services. The move was prompted by the sharp upturn in digitalized banking services and smart payment systems. Recently, the brand developed a bot to offer online customer support (which operates mainly via chat), giving swift answers to the most common questions.

The knowledge base (a year-long log of real chats between customers and operators, all in a database containing 40,839 conversations for a total of 311,540 customer-agent interactions) already contains the answers to user questions. Using Text Mining processes, Noovle’s team applied Artificial Intelligence to a conversational model and Machine Learning algorithms. The result significantly enhanced the conversation engine’s ability to recognize user questions and drastically reduce fallbacks. This finished product has given the company a solid tool that supports its help desk, increasing customer satisfaction.
Today, its market position is that of a conversational bank offering a round-the-clock personal assistant service.

Insurance / Image Recognition

A well-known insurance company belonging to one of Italy’s largest insurance groups, with a history spanning over a century, needed to improve processes linked to road accidents. In particular, it wanted to speed up processes for settling client claims without being subject to fraud. New fully-automated image recognition processes mean the company only needs to receive detailed images of vehicle damage to assess the extent of the damage itself. Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence, case resolution times have been slashed.

When a claim is opened, the customer is asked for detailed images of the vehicle involved in the accident. The Artificial Intelligence implemented with the Google Cloud Platform allows the images to be compared with historical datasets, and to classify them in a completely automated way. Once the vehicle’s license plate and location of the accident have been automatically checked and identified, the images are classified according to the part of the vehicle involved, and the extent of the impact. An additional check is run to delete images showing damage previously identified in other similar images.
Thanks to an accuracy rate of almost 80%, the image recognition system has allowed the insurance group to streamline its claims management process and reduce fraud attempts.

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